What I am expecting to see on Tesla AI day 2

Tesla AI day 2 will take place on 30th September 2022. Last Tesla AI day took place one year ago but, I am still expecting to see impressive development as Tesla always does.

Tesla AI day 2 by Dennis Hong

picture by Dennis Hong

Probably they will provide a follow-up for:

  • Dojo Chip - Tesla's in house developed chip for training neural networks. I hope they will announce that they managed to have enough so the neural network training can be ran on Dojo. Will be nice to see some comparisons between Dojo and the other stack
  • Tesla FSD - latest versions are getting better and better ironing a lot of scenarios that can be encountered in real life. Tesla is aiming to solve the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and this allows them to extend the AI outside their vehicles, to other products like Tesla bot Optimus
  • Tesla bot Optimus - last year Elon dropped the news and this year we will have the first meeting with a functional prototype as per Elon's tweet. I am expecting to see a prototype that can move but not like in the coreographed Boston Dynamic videos. I think that only one year is very quick even for Tesla but, I will not be surprised to see it to be better aware of the environment and able to take decisions without an operator input.


If you can’t beat em, join em

Neuralink mission statement


And a picture from the "future", the movie Robot and Frank:

Robot and Frank movie