Offline installation for O365



O365 is the Office productivity suite from Microsoft, available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

The installation can be made from the user account (online) or for multiple corporate/enterprise deployments we can create an offline installer using an XML file for configuration.


This option is very useful for deployments in remote locations or where the Internet connection is limited and the bandwidth needs to be conserved.


We need Office Deployment Tool (ODT) from Microsoft.


For the XML configuration file we can use:


After all the options are set an XML file will be downloaded which needs to be saved in the ODT folder. Some default XML configurations are already there but we won't use them.




In order to force the setup files to be downloaded locally we need to run the below command in CMD:

setup.exe /download configuration.xml

where configuration.xml is the file generated above. Now the setup will start to download the files.


For the installation of O365 just run the command in CMD:

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

and the installation will run with the options from your XML configuration file.